Adidas Predator Fingersave Replique Goalkeeper Glove


Turning high-speed shots away requires intense focus and the best equipment you can slip on. These Predator Fingersave Replique gloves help goalkeepers defend the net against anyone who challenges, with a shot-denying all-around palm for all-conditions grip. FINGERSAVE™ spines stiffen the fingers and resist pressure when pushed back, helping turn the soccer ball and protect fingers.
  • allround palm for best grip, cushioning and comfort in all weather conditions
  • Positive cut for a good and comfortable fit
  • FINGERSAVE™ spines stiffen and resist pressure when pushed backward for more effective ball deflection
  • Elastic bandage for perfect fit and wrist support
  • Full-wrap wrist strap for custom fit
  • Polyester / polyurethane / latex / cotton / nylon / other

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